Development, construction, and renovation work can be a time-consuming, nerve-racking job of planning, organizing and coordinating. Du-Rite Construction puts it all together with creative and technical experts that lets you select the services you need to complete your project within your budget, and on time.

Corporate/ Commercial Environmentsdurite_about3

Du-Rite Construction has the ability and experience to deal with all aspects found in the office setting. We have a great deal of success working along side people in an operational office – with little disruption and inconvenience.

Retail Facilities

Whether it be a Franchise/Chain Store or an Individual Retail Operation, (Mall, Strip Center, or Free Standing), or a bank, Du-Rite Construction provides a cost effective and expedient process to deliver the space – on time, and on budget.

Municipal/ Institutional/ Educational

For almost fifty years, Du-Rite Construction has completed numerous projects in Educational Facilities (Private and Public), as well as Governmental Institutions. Our past projects range from State, Local and Federal to the private sector.

Industrial/ Warehouse/ Factories

Du-Rite Construction, five decades ago, pioneered a new aspect in the construction industry. Du-Rite Construction started with the concept of providing a safe and ergonomically sound environment.

durite_about5Laboratories/ Clean Rooms/ Medical Offices

Whether it be Clean Rooms (e.g. food industry) or Laboratories, Du-Rite Construction provides the total package ranging from concept drawings to the final construction.

Du-Rite Construction has a great deal of experience in the total process of Doctor’s/ Dentist’s offices as well.

Hotels/ Resorts/ Gyms

Du-Rite Construction has experience in the special needs of hotels, ranging from handicap requirements to unique millwork design.

Du-Rite Maintenance, (a division of Du-Rite Construction), is equipped to provide prompt, reliable repair work. We cover a wide band of trades. We can be reached 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Exterior Restoration

Du-Rite Construction specializes in the most up to date materials and looks of exterior buildings and shopping centers.

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